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Should I Buy Computer Glasses for My Kids?

Computer Glasses for Kids

Yes, you should! Does your child spend hours behind a computer screen while sitting in class, and then another few hours in front of a television screen at the end of the day? No matter how much time they spend exposed to a digital screen, their eyes will benefit from wearing computer glasses. Computer glasses, commonly known as blue light blocking lenses, reduce artificial blue light exposure with blue light blocking technology. Yesglasses carries a wide variety of kid’s blue light blocking glasses, made with their advanced blue light blocking technology.

Whether your child needs blue light blocking lenses with or without a prescription, we make it easy for you to customize your lenses once you select your frame. Still have questions? Check out some frequently asked questions about children’s computer glasses below!

How does blue light affect children's eyes?

Blue light can come from many sources such as computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, fluorescent lights and LED lights. Children who spend a lot of time in front of these screens and blue light sources may be more likely to develop digital eye strain. Additional damage from blue light may include photokeratitis, blurred vision and poor sleep.

What do blue light blocking glasses do for children?

Blue light glasses filter out and block the dangerous blue light emitted from digital devices and prevent digital eye strain by reducing the potential damage caused to the retina. Blue light glasses are also known as computer glasses, as they are commonly used for children and adults who spend long durations of time behind a computer.

Sending your children to school with a comfortable pair of blue light blocking glasses can put your mind at ease that they are protecting their eyes from harmful blue light, even when you are not there.

Should my child wear blue light blocking glasses all day?

Wearing blue light blocking glasses all day will not harm your eyes, however there are more appropriate options for different environments. Wear of blue light blocking glasses are best for when children are exposed to blue light sources such as computers, tablets, smartphones, televisions, fluorescent lights and LED lights.

What are the best computer glasses for kids?

The best computer glasses for kids will have high quality blue light blocking lenses for protection against the harmful blue light produced by digital screens, as well as comfortable and durable frames made specifically for a child’s face.

Yesglasses has children’s frames made with high quality rubber and plastic. Their adjustable curled rubber tips at the end of the frame legs and extra silicone nose pads ensure that they stay on your child’s face while being as comfortable as possible during computer time at home or school.

Check out some of our favorite blue light glasses for kids below!

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About Yesglasses Kids Blue Light Glasses

Trust Yesglasses to protect your child’s eyes from digital eye strain caused by harmful blue light. Advanced blue light blocking technology is used in all of our blue light glasses, framed by high quality plastic and rubber frames made to provide all day comfort for your child while at home or in school. It’s never too late to make protecting you or your child’s eyes a priority, so shop now and start seeing the world through Yesglasses!