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About the Frame

Matt Black Geek-Chic Low Bridge Fit Lightweight Eyeglasses

This oval frame gives your face a gentle and charming look. Integrated with the durable nose pad design, it lasts longer than traditional frames and is compatible with your nose comfortably. Developed with our light TR material, it reduces the force that our nose and ears have to take, creating no burden. Styles: Geek-Chic, Classic, Grandpa


  • Asian/Low-Bridge Fit
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Low Bridge Fit
  • Quality 1.61 High-Index Lenses Included
  • 100% UV400 (UVA & UVB) Protection
  • Free Anti-Reflective and Anti-Scratch Coatings
  • Bifocal and Progressive Friendly

Frame Specs

Basic Information


More fit details
  • 132mm
  • 41mm
  • 53mm
  • 17mm
  • 146mm
  • 53
  • 17
  • 146
  • (in millimeters)

Lifestyle Photos


Medium (Total width: 132 mm)

We classify our frames as narrow (below 130 mm), medium (130 - 137 mm), and wide (above 137 mm) according to the frame width. Please select your size according to the following width standards. You can also use the 'filter' function on category pages to select your frame size.