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Minimalism but Not Simplicity

The overall shape of cat's eye glasses is user friendly, users can choose different shapes of glasses, not only are they able to match various face shapes, but also can make your face look longer and soften the appearance of facial lines, the visual effect is excellent. Pure color clothing, complemented by colored cat eye glasses, makes you look pretty, cool shades such as black and grey can demonstrate the modern minimalist style. Create the very definition of high tech and futuristic feeling by choosing bright colors and transparent colors.

The Spokesman of Fashion

In recent years, the major fashion weeks have favored the cat's eye element. The slightly upward of both sides of the cat eye glasses frame creates a sense of charm and sexiness very easily. If you want to be more retro, you can choose cat eye glasses with round lenses. If you want to be sweet and cute, choose pink or warm color cat eye glasses.

On Instagram, cat eye glasses are the most popular item. They are also an indispensable fashion item for hipsters. Fashion star Gigi, Olivia, Bieber are his loyal fans. The fashion goddess Anna Dello Russo loves to add other embellishments to the corners of the cat eye glasses, which fully demonstrates her elegant style.

Alessandra Codinha, Vogue.com’s Fashion News Editor, echoes the feeling. “There’s a reason why 'cat eye' is also the most popular eyeliner method. A subtle uptick around the eye creates a certain coquettish allure in any face. It’s basically the easiest way to flirt while doing absolutely nothing: it’s the fit-and-flare dress of the sunglass world.”

For ladies, put on wave skirts and fishtail skirts, then the retro feeling created by the cat eye glasses will be vividly portrayed. You can see a more charming version of yourself through the cat eye glasses, just like a graceful, sultry cat.