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Face Shape Recognition Tool

Find Your Face Shape

Upload a front-facing photo so our AI can help determine your face shape.

Face Shape Recognition Tool
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Your submitted data will only be used to help optimize our recognition system. Yesglasses WILL NOT share any submitted customer information to third parties, and any information received will not be visible to the public unless permitted by the customer. Any information submitted to Yesglasses can be irreversibly erased upon request by the customer. Feel free to contact our Customer Support team should you have any questions or concerns.

Face Shape Guide

Understanding your face shape and what frame styles compliment it best will help you choose the most flattering frame for your next pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Choose your face shape below and check out some of our recommended frame shapes!

Help Me Choose My Face Shape

Try out our face recognition tool, or make a public poll so the Yesglasses community can help you choose your face shape!

  • 368
    Triangle 57%

    What's my face shape..?

    Posted by Altab Z. 1 day ago
  • 367
    Rectangle 75%

    What is my face shape

    Posted by Mukesh B. 2 days ago
  • 366
    Heart 56%


    Posted by Denica S. 2 days ago
  • 365
    Oblong 42%

    What’s my face shape

    Posted by Tom S. 2 days ago
  • 364
    Round 57%

    What is my face shape?

    Posted by Zen O. T. 3 days ago
  • 362
    Oval 60%

    What's my face shape?

    Posted by Julia A. 4 days ago
  • 357
    Heart 52%

    My face

    Posted by Vinny E. T. 5 days ago
  • 356
    Oval 89%

    What’s my face shape?

    Posted by Examplie R. 5 days ago

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FAQ of Face Shape Recognition

What is the Face Shape Recognition app?

It is a simple app that determines the user's face shape using a single front-facing photo. This app runs directly within the browser.

Why is it important to know my face shape?

Your face shape basically dictates what hairstyles, make-up and eyewear will suit you best. Once you’ve determined what shape your face is, you can try out frame styles that are known to compliment that specific shape. For example, aviator frames look great on heart-shaped faces, while geometric, wayfarer glasses compliment round faces. Understanding your face shape and how best to emphasize its good features will ensure you find the perfect style, as well as help you simplify your shopping experience.

How does it work?

Our Face Shape Recognition software utilizes data submitted by users to determine their closest face shape according to our predetermined algorithms.

What types of Face Shapes do you offer glasses for?

We offer glasses for all types of face shapes, including oval, round, heart-shaped, square, rectangle, diamond, oblong, triangle, and pear shaped faces. Once you have determined what your face shape is, simply follow our suggestions and choose your favorite pairs from our collections.

Are the glasses you recommended surely suitable for me?

Please note that what you get in our guide are recommendations from eyewear professionals and everyday users. Like any type of apparel, what works for one individual may not suit another. That being said, these recommendations will be a great start for you to look for the perfect glasses, and we are confident that we will be able to help you find them!

Will my face shape change?

Factors such as weight change and aging skin can drastically change the shape of your face. If you haven't recently checked what your face shape is, we recommend that you re-determine it before picking a pair.

Is it safe to use your Face Shape Recognition app?

Absolutely! Yesglasses WILL NOT share any submitted customer data to third parties, and any information we receive will not be visible to the public. Your data will only be used to help optimize our recognition system to improve the accuracy of future measurements. You can also request to have your submitted information to be erased permanently from our system.

Is the result of face recognition accurate?

We try our best to provide you with accurate recognition results, but face shape recognition is subjective. However, we believe that as our algorithm improves and the program's automatic learning time increases, its results will be more and more recognized by everyone. The accuracy of the recognition is also restricted by other factors, so please make sure to upload a clear, unobstructed front photo for recognition.