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Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Non-Prescription Sunglasses
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Fashion Non-Rx Sunglasses

Non-prescription sunglasses are over-the-counter, store-bought sunglasses that come without corrective lenses.

No matter if you are a stylish individual looking for a new fashion statement or just spend much time outdoors, non-prescription sunglasses should provide the best UV protection. Sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory, but more importantly, they protect your eyes from UV and other harmful rays from the sun.

We’ve got all the styles covered! You can choose from sports looks, cat-eyes, futuristic styles, retro-looking shapes, hipster, aviator and horn rimmed, as well as embellished. Our design is versatile and in line with the latest fashion. We use high-quality plastic, combinations of metals and titanium, aluminum or stainless steel. Following the sunglasses trends, many frames have both high-quality metal and plastic material.

Choosing The Perfect Lenses

TAC Lenses - Thin, light and glare preventing, UV400 protection, for high visual and polarization clarity.

Mirrored Coating Lenses - If you’re into extreme sports, or any outdoor activity that includes and, water, snow, or high altitudes – look no further. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light by 10–60%, creating a brown or grey tint, perfect for outdoor conditions.

Tinted Lenses - Natural tint that evenly transmits colors, ideal for daytime driving, everyday sports, or any activity on a bright, sunny day! Available in different colors depth.

Gradient Tinted Lenses - Great for driving, hiking, or even clubbing! Available in different colors options.

Polarized Lenses - These fantastic lenses absorb 85% of Visible Light! Benefits? Glare-reducing, better contrast, truer colors, improved visual comfort and clarity, reduced eye strain.

Is UV protection important?

It doesn’t matter if you wear prescription eyeglasses or not; your eyes need the best UV protection when outdoors. Your choice of sunglasses is the first shield from wind, dust and many other elements that could cause discomfort, dryness or potential damage to your eyes.

Non-Prescription Sunglasses - Both Style and Quality

And, by quality, we mean the best protection for your eyes! We believe everyone should have a well-designed pair of sunglasses. Both quality and protection included. Our designers follow the latest eyewear fashion, and the design has always been as important as the quality. We see sunglasses as a high performing tool, rather than just a fashion accessory. We design sunglasses you want to walk around with!