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Tinted Sunglasses

All-round protection for your eyes and high-contrast vision even in glaring light with the tinted lenses from Yesglasses.

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Tinted Sunglasses

Sunglasses are usually dark, but nowadays we can tint them to different colors. Tinted sunglasses are fashionable and really popular. They can reduce glare, enhance depth perception and protect the eyes from excessive sunlight (but they don't eliminate harsh glare like Polarized Sunglasses).

Here are our suggested tints colors for different functions. For hiking, gray and green lenses will be helpful. Dark brown lens is better if you are driving, dark green lens is better when you are sitting in the sun, blue lens is better when you are playing on the beach, mercury are fit for outdoor sports and yellow are often used in hunting, light blue and pink lens are attractive and practical use. (Polarization, Gradients, and Mirrored lenses also affect what you see. These features provide additional benefits on top of the sunglasses tint).

Choose your Tinted Sunglasses by visiting our Tinted Sunglasses page.