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As for facial matching, with square glasses can be easily managed

Face 1: Round face

Square shaped eyeglasses can elongate and change the visual shape of a round face. Round face is short, so square glasses are highly recommended. A square frame can break the round visual effect caused by the round face, extend the face, increase the sense of depth, and reduce the roundness.

Face 2: Heart-shaped face, melon face, pronounced cheeks

A heart-shaped face has wide cheekbones and broad forehead, tapering down to a narrower jaw. Square eyeglasses can cover the wider part of your face, de-emphasize the wide cheekbones, adjusting the proportion of the face with a pair eyeglasses.

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Face 3: Diamond face

A diamond-shaped face features wide cheekbones, pointy chin and narrow forehead. Faces in this shape looks very serious.

By wearing square glasses, you could weaken the disadvantage of the diamond-shaped face. With square glasses on the eyebrow position, it can balance the forehead proportion and make up the illusion of a wide jawline created by the face shape.

Choosing one right pair of glasses for any occasion

The versatile square glasses that lead current fashion trends can give you unexpected appearance, regardless of the eye-catching effect or the shape matching.

Generally speaking, it’s better to wear small size square-shaped glasses in formal occasions, because their refined, active, simple, and generous features. The medium and oversized square frames are suitable for parties and other informal occasions, with which you will look more natural, friendly and comfortable.

By choosing the simple and creative designed square glasses at Yesglasses, you can improve and perfect your stylish appearance to become a real fashion trendsetter.