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Shop unique, stylish trapezoid eyeglasses in a variety of colors and frame materials. Get free 1.61 high-index lenses and our 100% Fit Guarantee with every order.

Trapezoid Eyeglasses
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Buy Trapezoid Glasses & Frames Online

Commonly referred to as “wayfarers,” trapezoid eyeglasses feature a classic frame style that has endured for decades.

Known for their unique shape and appearance, trapezoid-shaped frames first hit the scene in the early 1950s. With clean lines and simple curves, they quickly found their way to the top of everyone’s “favorite accessories” list.

An eternal design, simple pattern, and understated charisma make trapezoid glasses nothing short of timeless.

Do you dig trapezoid-shaped shades? Those seeking an awesome alternative to aviators will love our selection of trapezoid sunglasses.

What are the different types of trapezoid eyeglasses?

Trapezoid frames can be slightly squared or rounded.

  • If you prefer a tougher look, go for the square frames.
  • If you want a more casual appeal, rounded trapezoids are for you.

Generally, there are three primary trapezoid glasses designs:

  • The steady and noble type for someone wanting a more gentlemanly appearance.
  • The natural and elegant type for those seeking something more feminine.
  • The dynamic type for people who are into sports or love a high-energy look.

Of course, once you’ve locked in your frames, you’ll need the right lenses. With Yesglasses, you have plenty of options, from dynamic transition lenses to blue light blocking lenses that protect your eyes from computer screens and smartphone displays.

Just pick your favorite frames and make your selections before adding them to your cart. You’ll even be able to upload your eye prescription!

What celebrities wore trapezoid glasses?

The trapezoid-shaped style is both fashionable and practical, and plenty of celebrities have been rocking the trapezoid-shaped look for a long time.

  • Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were both fans of the trapezoid glasses shape.
  • When speaking publicly, President Kennedy gained his cool air from a pair of trapezoid glasses.
  • They were a must-have fashion accessory for Lady Gaga.
  • When watching tennis games, Princess Kate often sports trapezoid glasses.

What are the most popular colors and materials for trapezoid glasses frames?

Before the advent of the trapezoid-shaped style, most sunglasses temples were made from metal. However, trapezoid eyeglasses redefined the trends of the time. Available in nearly any color or material you can imagine, now it’s easy to personalize trapezoid eyewear to your liking.

Some of the most popular trapezoid eyeglasses use plastic or acetate for a wider array of color options. Naturally, other materials are also quite popular, including wood and metal. It all comes down to personal preference and the characteristics you want in your eyewear.

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Will trapezoid eyeglass frames go with my face shape?

Trapezoid glasses match a variety of face shapes. However, if you have a round, rectangle, or oblong shaped face, trapezoid eyeglass frames will be especially flattering.

If you’re not sure of your face shape, figuring it out doesn’t take long. Check out our Face Shape Finder App & Quiz below. We’ll connect you with the best frames for your look in a matter of seconds.

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Where can I buy trapezoid eyeglasses?

The best place to buy trapezoid eyeglasses is right here at Yesglasses. With our wide selection of colors and materials, we have no doubt that you’ll find something to love.

Better yet, all trapezoid eyeglasses are backed by our 100% Fit Guarantee. With FREE returns you have nothing to worry about when placing your order.

At Yesglasses, you’re also getting some of the best prices on eyewear anywhere online – as much as 70% OFF retail. With rave customer reviews, we hope you’ll see enough reason to choose us for all your prescription eyewear needs.

We do our best to make shopping with us easy. If you’re stuck on where to start, contact us by phone, email, or LIVE Chat.

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