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Tinted Sunglasses

Find unique tinted lenses in red, green, blue, pink and more colorful prescription sunglasses from Yesglasses.

Color tinted sunglasses come in a wide variety, from amber and bronze to blue and pink. Choose tinted glasses to fit your prescription.
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Tinted Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are usually dark, but nowadays we can tint them to different colors. Tinted sunglasses are fashionable and really popular, especially tinted prescription glasses for wearing light tints indoors and outdoors. They can reduce glare, enhance depth perception and protect the eyes from excessive sunlight. Our tinted sunglasses are non-polarized, while we also offer Polarized Sunglasses for eliminating harsh glare.

Color tinted sunglasses have many practical and stylish uses. For help selecting the best lens tint for your lifestyle, we have suggestions on how to choose your tinted sunglasses:

  • Gray and green tinted sunglasses are helpful for highlighting natural outdoor colors, such as when hiking and sightseeing.
  • Brown and bronze tinted sunglasses are recommended for driving and can help soothe your eyes while on long road trips.
  • Dark tinted sunglasses, such as dark green, brown and gray, are great for bright days and can help soothe your eyes while sitting in the sun.
  • Blue and purple tinted lenses are perfect while sitting by the water for enhanced color perception.
  • Yellow, gold and orange tinted sunglasses offer high contrast and are often used while hunting and other coordinated outdoor sports.
  • Pink and rose tinted sunglasses can help your eyes adjust to contrast and offer a unique, fun and fashionable look.
  • Red and amber tinted sunglasses are a very unique style and can help enhance depth perception.

Are Tinted Lenses The Same As Sunglasses?

Tinted lenses are used in non-polarized sunglasses for colorful lens options. Polarized sunglasses offer even more protection from the sun but don’t always have as many colorful lens options to choose from. Tinted sunglasses are sometimes chosen for lighter lens tints that can be comfortably worn outdoors and indoor.

Why Tinted Prescription Glasses?

Have you ever wished you could add a fun tint to your everyday glasses? Tinted prescription glasses with light color tints are a stylish choice that adds unique fashion to your overall style. Our selection of light tinted lenses include light blue, light yellow, light pink and more, all available to fit your prescription!