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Practical and Beautiful

In terms of color processing, the materials of acetate frames are of natural color and need no manual coloration, nor are they subject to changes in color or deformation caused by human skin or body exudates. The glasses have a good luster, and can be described as having a beautiful style, durable and a strong sense of layering. For business people that pursue fashion, acetate glasses can satisfy their pursuit of elegance and capable styles; for myopic groups who are pursuing a quality of life, acetate frames are generally not limited by the prescription strength of the lenses and satisfy the functional requirements for myopia groups while does not reduce the sense of fashion.

A Diligently Made Handcrafted Product

Acetate frames are legendary handmade glasses, from cutting to grinding, from polishing to detailing, the glasses are made by complex and delicate production procedures. The finished acetate frames leave a texture trace around the hinge, which proves that it is a handmade piece. It can be said that a pair of acetate frames is like a piece of art. It contains the ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship by the creator. It demonstrates the craftsman spirit and represents the user's good taste!

A User Friendly Fashionable Item

The selected material of acetate glasses does not have any additional materials, making them ideal for people with allergies, it occurs enhanced comfort for wearers, which can help you to take care of your sensitive eyes. Acetate frames are famous for their complex and complicated processes. The classic retro frame is never outdated!