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Shop practical, fashionable acetate glasses for men and women. Browse our selection of high-quality acetate frames, created through a legendary handmade process. Enjoy our 100% Fit Guarantee.

Acetate Eyeglasses
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Acetate glasses are made with durable, environmentally friendly materials. These frames come in countless shapes, patterns, and colors, making it easy for eyewear fans all around the world to fall in love with them.

What are acetate eyeglasses?

Acetate is a material derived from a natural, plant-based resource. It has many benefits when used for eyeglasses:

  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  • Smooth surface for enhanced comfort.
  • Durable material with good luster for long-lasting fashion.
  • Lightweight when compared to similar materials.
  • Wide variety of handcrafted, high-quality styles to choose from.
  • Suitable for nearly all prescription strengths.

The production process behind acetate frames is complicated, taking eyewear craftsmanship to new levels.

The frame and temple pieces are cut from a whole piece of raw acetate material. Then, they go through a professional process of grinding and polishing. The final step is to connect the frame and temple pieces by a hinge.

The end result is a durable, entirely unique pair of glasses frames, mirroring the color patterns of the original acetate. This leads each and every frame to contain an entirely unique pattern (sort of like snowflakes). Needless to say, a pair of acetate glasses can be a popular choice, as everyone can find their own unique style.

Is acetate natural or synthetic?

Acetate is manmade but derived from natural cellulose. This means the ingredients are natural, even though acetate isn’t naturally occurring.

First, the acetate begins as wood pulp. Next, the wood pulp is purified into cellulose by using acetic acid, among other acids, which is where acetate gets its name. The acetate is then processed into colorful, patterned rolls of raw material.

As a result, acetate frames are considered semi-synthetic with natural origins.

Are acetate frames heavy?

Acetate frames are very lightweight compared to similar materials. Just as an example, you’ll find most of our acetate frames are between 19 and 30 grams. This makes them a great middle ground for someone wanting both stylish and lightweight features.

If lightweight glasses are your thing, we also offer an Ultra-lightweight Collection, giving you the opportunity to shop the lightest glasses available.

Shop Ultra-Lightweight Glasses

What is the difference between acetate and plastic glasses?

While acetate comes from natural cellulose, other plastics come from a wider variety of synthetic polymer materials.

Both plastic and acetate frame types are very durable and lightweight. However, plastic is often less expensive when compared to acetate.

Likewise, plastic frames are not always as smooth and comfortable as acetate frames. Plastic and acetate both come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns.

Acetate glasses are also sometimes compared to TR90 glasses, made from polymer material and similar to plastic. TR90 frames are highly flexible and extra durable but typically come in fewer patterns with fewer colors to choose from compared to acetate frames.

How to choose the best acetate frames?

The journey towards finding the best acetate glasses starts with understanding your face shape. We’ve identified nine common face shapes and recommend various frame shapes to match your unique features.

Find Your Face Shape

Once you know your face shape, consider the best color combinations and patterns to fit your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and wardrobe.

Thick and dark acetate glasses are very popular for intellectual styles. Others enjoy patterns, such as tortoiseshell, to show more personality in their eyewear.

In recent years, clear or transparent acetate frames that bring out one’s natural skin tones have been highly trendy.

As you can see, acetate is a material that gives you the ability to get creative and define a style that’s truly your own.

Why choose acetate glasses by Yesglasses?

Here at Yesglasses, we design all of our frames in-house. Our “factory-direct” approach can save you up to 70% of the costs for prescription glasses.

We aim to be the most trustworthy eyewear company in the world and offer a 100% money back guarantee on your purchase if you are not satisfied.

Our customer’s needs always come first. If you have any trouble choosing the right acetate frames for your prescription glasses, we’re here to help!

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