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Finding the right browline glasses for your face

You always need to ensure that you know your eyebrow forms clearly before you choose the right browline style glasses. Browline frames are usually customized to suit the wearer’s natural eyebrow. The size, shape and color of the browline portion of the frame should match the eyebrow and other facial features of the wearer. In other words, bowlines eyeglasses are a tool to customize your appearance.

In addition, to choose the suitable frame color is a key to improve your appearance and make yourself feel great. Many hipsters consider tortoiseshell browline glasses combined with a full black outfit the epitome of classic chic. As a result, it has become a sought-after style among men.

Are browline glasses the same as semi-rim glasses?

In fact, most browline glasses belong to the full rim glasses category.

Compared to half-rim eyeglasses, browline frame features a similar look, but this style frame comprises a thin rim wire, so it is sturdier than the half rim and rimless glasses. The wearer tends to focus more on the lower half of frame when they are wearing them, so it does not only balance their facial structure, but also make them look more energetic.

The golden rule for choosing the perfect eyeglasses for yourself: The top of the glasses frame should follow your natural eyebrow.

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