Our prices include premium 1.61 high-index lenses with UV400 coating.

Fancier Face Features

With Transparent Frame, your eyesight defect is replaced by a fancy look. Instead of toning down your contour, its transparent outline highlights your facial features to produce a chiseled look. Its lucent color illuminates cheek and eyes. By wearing spectacles of Transparent Frame, you are displaying an exuberant demeanor!

Stay IN!

With its unique style and refreshing aura, the Transparent Frame is well received and becoming a hot star in celebrity close-ups, street photos and every other corner in fashion circle. As a trending accessory, its all-round transparency renders an IN look with a high sense of singularity and there is no way to look ordinary! In addition to its visual beauty, Transparent Frame's exceptional design also provides you with the nontraditional wearing experience!