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How do you decide if you need a pair of progressive glasses?

  1. You wear single-vision shortsighted or farsighted glasses but still need to hold the newspaper or book in your arms to read.

  2. You squint while using the computer or reading and have trouble focusing on close-range objects because of your presbyopia.

  3. You are in age 40 plus and under a high risk of developing presbyopia. Due to the popularity of smart electronics, people developing presbyopia are younger, especially in the age group 35 and over.

  4. When you do a full eye examination, your ophthalmologist may offer you a range of treatment options, including wearing multifocal glasses.

  5. As an office worker, you have to use the computer for a long time, or you are a student who needs both books reading and the blackboard seeing. The HD progressive lenses allow you to read books, watch the computer, and see the blackboard without switching. More importantly, it can prevent your eyes from fatigue.

Important notices

  • It will take a week or so to adjust if it is your first time to wear multifocal glasses. However, the length of the adaptive period varies from person to person. Some people have sensitive eyes and need a longer time.

  • For optometry the value of added magnifying power is necessary, that is, the value of ADD.

  • When choosing the frames of multifocal glasses, the lenses height should be more than 30mm. The wearers have enough view area to use far, middle, near parts. Better to choose full frames. The higher power of the lens is, the thicker the lens edge is. Full frames can cover the thickness of the lens edge perfectly.