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Difference Between Narrow-Frame Eyeglasses and Children's Eyeglasses

Narrow eyeglasses refer to a narrower frame, which is very different from children's eyeglasses. These days, nerdy children's eyewear is becoming less and less popular. Today, many eyewear manufacturers focus on designing styles that allow children to feel beautiful and confident, making bespectacled children feel happy. This has completely changed the children's eyewear industry. At present, children's eyeglasses are available in a wide range of styles that are made of safer, more flexible and comfortable materials. Manufacturers also provide customized glasses for children based on their age and the size of their faces. In addition, special-sized glasses are equipped with adjustable nose pads, temple covers, eyewear retainers for sports and other practical and stylish accessories.

We believe that if our children have to wear glasses at a young age, they ought to use glasses to express their style. Thanks to these glasses, they can now feel like a little model.

How to choose eyeglasses of the right size?

The most important factor in eyeglasses selection is the size of the frame. Glasses that are too wide or too narrow will make one’s face look excessively big or small. Therefore, to choose a frame that matches the size of the face, you need to make a judgment based on your facial features. A poorly fit frame will have an impact on the wearer's image. If the frame is too loose, it will not only be easy to fall off but will also give the wearer an uptight appearance. If the fit is too tight, the eyeglasses might be uncomfortable for the wearer and make the person look foolish.

There are many factors we need to consider when choosing eyeglasses. For example, the total width of the frame should be slightly wider than the wearer's face. If the gap between the glasses and your temples can fit a finger or more, this means the frame of your choice is too wide. The height of the lenses should be about the same as your eyebrows, but not directly over them. There should not be too much space under the glasses, otherwise it will make one’s eyes look very small. The frame bridge needs to be just wide enough to place the frame on the nose or parallel to the bridge of the nose. At Yesglasses, we highly recommend the keyhole style frame.