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Things to Take into Consideration When Choosing Rimless Glasses

The lenses in rimless glasses do not have the frame protection as in the traditional frame, but are directly formed by the two arms and the nose pad. If the prescription is too strong, this will affect people wearing rimless glasses because the lenses are too thick for the rimless glasses, and have an impact on the overall appearance, comfort and safety, so rimless glasses are not suitable for people who have strong prescriptions. If a lens with a high refractive index is selected, then frameless glasses would be suitable for myopic patients whose myopia is within +/-6.00.

Maintenance Tips for Rimless Glasses

Despite their light weight and broad visual field, rimless glasses require more maintenance and care than regular eyeglasses – otherwise, deformations and broken lenses can easily occur. Therefore, we should develop good habits on a daily basis when wearing the glasses, picking glasses up with both hands, putting the glasses back in their case if not worn for a long time, and cleaning stains with liquid soap or special cleaning products. If the fitting or screw is loose, it is advisable to have the glasses adjusted by a professional at the optical shop.