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Frameless Glasses: Why Try “No Frame” Glasses? Top 3 Benefits

Sometimes, the best glasses are the most comfortable, minimalistic styles.

Rimless glasses are known for being super lightweight. These are also called frameless glasses, “no frame” glasses or glasses without frames as the arms of your frames connect directly to the lens. These glasses omit the material around the edges of your lenses and are held in place by the arms and nose bridge.

At Yesglasses, we offer hundreds of styles to choose from for men, women and kids, including a wide selection of rimless glasses. Take a look at our Rimless Glasses Collection with the best rimless glasses we offer, or browse all rimless frames to find the perfect pair for you.

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Benefits of Frameless Glasses

Glasses without frames can be a life changer. This style comes in many shapes to fit your unique face shape. We also offer color-edged rimless glasses to add a colorful outline to your lens while taking advantage of all the additional benefits of choosing frameless glasses.

If you’re tired of clunky, heavy materials that weigh down your face, frameless glasses are the perfect choice. When wearing glasses without frames, they’re so comfortable you might even forget you’re wearing glasses!

Stylish round rimless glasses are lightweight and fashionable on men and women.

1. Frameless Glasses are Super Lightweight

Frameless glasses are the best choice for those who want the least amount of weight on their face. Some people experience headaches and migraines from the weight of their glasses, which is very uncomfortable for long-time wear. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses to comfortably wear for extended periods, such as during work, frameless glasses are the right choice.

2. Frameless Glasses Have Minimal Frame Material

Some eyewear fans love thick and flashy frame materials, but this isn’t everyone’s style. Frameless glasses cover up less of your natural good looks and have a very functional purpose. Glasses without frames are a great choice for anyone who enjoys the bare necessities and prefers simple, minimalistic styles.

3. Frameless Glasses Offer a Less Intrusive Field of Vision

If you’re not used to wearing glasses, it can be tough to see past the frames on your face. Most eyeglass wearers adjust to this, much like looking right past your nose, but the thickness of your frames can still be distracting. Rimless glasses can help you focus on what’s beyond your glasses to prevent you from feeling distracted. Without frames, your eyes will see right through your lens without the fuss of extra material in the way. Less material will touch your face, minimizing any trouble you might have fidgeting and feeling your glasses at all times.

Top 3 Frameless Glasses for Men: Round, Narrow & Square

  • 58076

  • Wall

  • Artist

Top 3 Frameless Glasses for Women: Round, Narrow & Cat-Eye

  • Pat

  • Marv

  • Leon

Frameless Glasses by Yesglasses

Yesglasses offers hundreds of styles to choose from. If you’re not sure about frameless glasses, easily compare them against similar styles, such as semi-rimless glasses or all lightweight glasses.

For a look at all the styles we offer, browse by men and women, or take a look at Kids Eyewear Collection to find the right pair for your little one.

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