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High quality, solid, lightweight, fashionable and safest material

Benefited from the modern technique and factory environment, as promised, every single frame provided by us has the first-class quality, because it goes through the strict inspection by professional technicians and inspectors. As the product of the latest technique, Ultem glasses, compared to other glasses, has the incomparable strengths that are high quality, solidity, legerity, fashion and safety. With no doubt, they will stand out from others.

Go and pick a pair of durable, wear-resisting, cool Ultem glasses, you will catch people’s eyes even when running.

Differences between manual plastic frames and molded plastic frames

Plastic frames, according to the process, can be divided into manual and molded categories. Manual frames are commonly known as acetate frames. They become into colorful plates through the process of plastifying by adding colors to cellulose acetate. That’s why acetate frames have an extensive range of bright colors in varied forms, such as floral and wooden patterns and tortoise shell. Designers then design the frame sizes according to colors to cut those plates into small pieces; after a series of processes, such as the inner turning, the outer turning, assembling, decorating, bending, punching, nailing and cutting, polishing, and so on, they are processed into different frames.

Chemical materials such as paint will not be added throughout the production process. Because most of the manufacturing process of the acetate frames needs to be completed manually, the process is complicated and time-consuming, the prices are in result higher. Most of the brand glasses manufacturers use cellulose acetate plate to manufacture the high-end frames.

The manufacturing process of the molded frames is relatively simple and fast. However, in order to ensure that the frames are high-impact, high ductile, and color fast, we choose environment-friendly paint of good quality, special color-spray technique, cutting-edge equipment and fine processing technique. These all contribute to the permeability, purity, quality of molded frames. Molded frames are lighter and more resilient than plate frames. Ultem frames are one of the middle and high-end products in molded spectacles.