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Simple Does Not Equal Nerd

Wayfarer style is better known as some oversized sunglasses. There are no fancy styles. However, as wayfarer glasses become familiar to and accepted by the public, they no longer represent coldness but are the center of the simplism trend, reaching the peak of the fashion world.

The clubmater sunglasses play an important role in shielding your eyes against the effects of harmful lights, reflect and block the high energy violets and glare rays. The temples of the glasses are also very stylish and smooth. Street trendsetters wearing the glasses can be called "Wayfarer" in the city.

Celebrities' Favorite

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were both fans of the wayfarer glasses. When speaking publicly, President Kennedy also gained his cool air from a pair of wayfarer glasses. They are also a must-have fashion item for Lady Gaga. When watching the tennis games, Princess Kate also like the wayfarer style glasses, are fashionable and practical.

There are three wayfarer glasses designs, the steady and noble type for the gentlemen, natural and elegant type for the ladies, and the dynamic type full of sunshine for people doing sports. The eternal design, simple pattern and low-key style make wayfarer glasses timeless!