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Kids Blue Light Glasses

About Kids Glasses

At Yesglasses, you’ll find kids’ glasses according to different age groups: 1-8 years old - Little Kids; 9-12 years old - Pre-Teens; 13-18 years old - Teens.

Since children’s noses are low and still growing, the weight of the glasses directly acts on the bridge of the noses, so careful parents opt for frames with higher or adjustable nose so that the glasses sit just at the right height.

Our kids’ eyeglasses are made while taking into consideration the characteristics of the child’s eyes and tender skin – we use only ultra-light materials with high ductility and are hypo-allergenic, as well as personalized accessories.

Yesglasses kids’ frames are designed to give the best vision possible – they come with super-tough lenses with high light transmittance and clear vision. We stand side by side with parents while being fully committed to ensuring their children's vision health.

Don’t forget - Kids don’t look for the most expensive glasses, but the ones that are safe and comfortable.

The right vision protection comes first

Yesglasses designed a special collection of fun and colorful glasses just for children - whether your child is an active infant, rebellious teenager that wears glasses in school or on the sports field, you can find the one that suits your little one the best.

Our eyewear styles offer the best materials with excellent impact resilience, soft nose pads and balanced pressure while all of our lenses are UV-protective, scratch-resistant and come with anti-reflection and other protective layers – all with the purpose of protecting your child’s vision. You can also choose blue-light filtering lenses for protection from light emitted by computers and digital devices.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control processes for the ordering and production of children's glasses, so we can guarantee the best eye protection. At Yesglasses, strict quality control is the backbone of our optical protection.

Choose cool frames your kid will love to wear!

Yesglasses kids’ eyewear collection is based on the ultimate comfort and perfect fit. Our extensive collection features different trendy shapes and affordable designer styles for children. When it comes to style, parents can choose the wraparound or strapped design – perfect for children since the glasses won’t fall off!

We also make sure that our design follows the latest trends so our kid’s collection comes with cool and fashionable features which help inspire any child to want to wear glasses.