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Why Choose Full-Rim Glasses?

There are a couple of reasons to choose full-rim glasses rather than other glasses. One of the main reasons is it’s durability, which is very important, especially for kids. Kids are active and love to play indoor and outdoor, if they wear full-rim glasses made in metal or plastic, the chance of breaking the glasses is significantly lower. A full-frame is better than a pair of half-rimmed eyeglasses to accentuate the appearance of your face.

Other reasons for choosing full-rim glasses are the capacity to carry high prescription and the vast of styles that are more fashionable compared to semi-rim and rimless glasses.

To Whom Are Full-Rim glasses Suited For?

Full-rim glasses is suitable for both adults and kids, as it ensures durability and can hold high-powered prescriptions, it has vast of styles and it’s suitable for most face shapes. If you find yourself needing a pair of sturdy, fashionable glasses, choose full rim glasses.

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Tips For How To Choose Full-Rim Glasses

Choose from our lightweight, durable full-rim glasses, especially if your prescription lenses are high powered, as it can promote comfort for long hours of usage. It also helps get rid of headaches and discomfort from heavy glasses. We do have thin full rims in our collections.

Oval glasses and rounded glasses suit square faces. Rectangular glasses best suits round faces while taller or circular frames are best choices for narrow faces.