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Half-rimmed glasses have been very popular ever since they first came onto the market. Here are some reasons why

First, half-rimmed glasses have lighter, more stylish features than full-rimmed glasses. Because they have less material in their frame, they are lighter and more comfortable to wear, which can effectively relieve the pressure of the frame on the bridge of the nose. At the same time, this enables the wearer to have an excellent view.

Second, half-rimmed glasses are suitable for more face types, and can easily integrate with and improve the overall appearance of the wearer. There is no inappropriate matching, and the glasses do not distract from the wearer's own look as easily as happens with full-rimmed glasses. Usually, round-wire semi-rimless glasses are suitable for fashionable young people, while square and rectangle semi-rimless glasses are more suitable for business professionals.

Third, half-rimmed glasses are more thoughtful in design. Half-rimmed glasses also have a lot of fashion appeal, especially for men and women in the workplace.

Something to note about wearing half-rimmed glasses

Actually, while half-rimmed glasses not only have their advantages, there are some things worth noting if you wear them. For example, try not to wear half-rimmed glasses for intense sports, as lenses could break and damage your eyes; Half-rimmed glasses also should not be worn by people who are extremely nearsighted. This is because the exposed edges will make the lenses appear very thick. So again, for anyone who suffers from serious nearsightedness, half-rimmed glasses are not recommended.