Our prices include premium 1.61 high-index lenses with UV400 coating.

Your Pair of Chic

The metal of Gold Glasses radiates an upscale quality that embodies literacy and grace. For today’s young customers, Gold Glasses symbolize retro accessories. Creative efforts are continuously being made to introduce new designs for Gold Glasses. The round and oval glasses depict the calmness of gentlemen as well as ladies. Square and rectangular glasses look dazzling rather than dull. The aesthetics portray a mixture of an artists’ whimsical with a mixture of bookishness.

Must-have accessory

A refreshing accessory can be the turnaround even with your plain outfit—sometimes it is a pair of Golden Glasses. Retro-style Gold Glasses keep coming back as a game changer. Thin-rimmed spectacles also stay popular. Imagine yourself in a dashing and casual leather jacket and how Gold Glasses lend instant charm to your masculine look. Metal color is indiscriminating to go with, versatile for any style. Models in Gucci Shows are equipped with retro Gold Glasses that adds romance to their figures.