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The retro-vintage style that never falls behind

Everyone has their own opinion of what "old fashion" is, but due to factors such as the time and location of birth, the sense of age and visual style are slightly different. The classic retro-vintage style of frames is aviator, cat-eye and trapezoid-shaped style.

Ladies go their own way, wearing large clear retro-vintage eyeglasses and literature nerd clothes, confidently and independently. An oversized eyeglass with irregular shapes design redefines the concept of ladies' fashion and sexiness. Marilyn Monroe'd been wearing her vintage-inspired cat-eye sunglasses for more charm.

Retro-vintage oversized sunglasses are also quite popular. Fashion changes, style remains. Eyewear fashion trends are changing rapidly every season and every year, but the antique style can embrace for a long time.

Eyeglasses do not burn for presbyopia or myopia

The function of glasses is not only its correction of vision but an accessory for fashion icons as well. Yesglasses offers the quality and variety of styles, colors, and material to enable men and women to express their unique tastes.

The retro vintage style TR90 glasses, made of an ultra-light material with ergonomic design, is comfortable for simplistic wearers and does not press into the face at any point.

Retro plastic glasses, in particular, coupled with a vast selection of colors and patterns, combine the vintage with the modern style that adds the dynamics of feelings. Polygon eyeglasses show your unique personality through geometric shapes. It is an ideal choice for round face wearers.

Retro-vintage glasses represent your far-sighted characteristic and contribute tos show your intellectual beauty. Steve Jobs is a loyal fan of retro round thin metal glasses!