Features of Different Alloy Frames

Titanium frames are sturdy, durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and portable. Their elastic feature means that the frame maintains its shape well over time. This is why metal frames enjoy popularity among high-end glasses wearers.

The titanium half-rim or full-rim optical frame, coupled with a delicate and lightweight design, accentuates the professionalism of the wearer, making it ideal for business attire. The curved aluminum-magnesium alloy sunglasses are essential protective eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts.

The high quality, lightweight stainless-steel frames are stamped by flakes. Despite the higher costs, their exceptional durability makes it an ideal option!

Among the Most Popular

Frame material is often the first thing that a glasses wearer would take into consideration. Metal frames do not only exude a sense of elegance but are also highly practical. They maintain their form well and are very durable. The longer a wearer uses the glasses, the more the metal frame will match to fit the face and shape of the nose of the wearer. Moreover, the majority of metal frames provide adjustable nose pads, which allows the wearer to adjust the glasses according to their facial contours and preferences.

Look Classy with Ease

Metal frames are a top choice for many white-collar and business professionals. In addition to its shiny finish, colorfast feature and durability, more importantly, metal frames exude a sense of respect for the business environment. The clean design and comfort of the metal thin rim glasses make them the epitome of classic elegance. The bookish image of a delicate frame is now replaced with one of gentleness and intelligence.