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Why are titanium frames more expensive?

Titanium materials have a much higher cost of both the materials itself and its processing. The pure titanium is extremely stiff when shaping into frames compared to copper-nickel, iron, stainless steel and other metal materials, resulting in a longer, more complicated processing time. Although titanium is a silver color, Yesglasses offers titanium frames in a variety of elite colors such as grey, gold, gunmetal, black, matte black, copper, brown and more.

How do you fix broken titanium eyeglasses?

Titanium frames are extremely durable and difficult to break, however if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you have damaged your frames, be hesitant in paying to get them repaired by an optician or welder. We recommend replacing your titanium frames with a new pair if you find yourself with broken frames, as repaired titanium frames may not maintain the same durability or other desired features.

Unlike other metals, titanium frames are created using special welding machines through an intricate process that cannot be easily replicated by your average welder. Attempting to repair titanium frames with a welder may result in destruction to the frame and overall integrity of your glasses.

What are the differences between pure titanium frames and titanium alloy metal frames?

The cost of pure titanium frames will be higher than the cost of titanium alloy metal frames, as a pure titanium frame is more durable and desirable among eyeglass wearers. Pure titanium is 100% titanium, while titanium alloy is pure titanium mixed with aluminum, nickel, copper, iron, or other high quality chemical elements. While alloy metals may not be as durable, they do bring more malleability to the frame while maintaining a lightweight feel.