Why are titanium frames more expensive?

The high cost of both titanium materials and processing, resulting in the high sale price. The pure titanium is too stiff to shape compare to copper-nickel, iron, stainless steel and other metal materials, it takes longer work time and more complicated crafts and more consumable materials. Although titanium is silver color, Yesglasses offer the titanium frames come in a variety of colors, grey, gold, gunmetal, black, matte black, copper, brown and so on.

How to fix broken titanium eyeglasses?

The titanium glasses are more expensive, how to fix it that is your first thought when your titanium frame is damaged. The titanium frames like other metal frames, it is completed made by using the welding machine. Even you are professional guys, it is hard to weld in a daily life, the machine through instant high temperature to melt metal and put pressure on the broken parts together, also it would destroy frame layer when welding. Just stop for a fixing work, start to find favorite full rim, semi-rimless, rimless titanium frames at Yesglasses and buy a new pair now.

How does identify the pure titanium and titanium alloy metals frames?

We have not an accurate and easy method of determining whether 100 percent titanium or titanium alloy metals frames. There is a simpler method is the sale price, generally speaking, the titanium alloy metals glasses are cheaper than pure titanium. The alloy metals make them less cost than pure titanium frame, but it is has a better malleability and more flexible, it is still light. This is why frames made of titanium are popular among white collars.