How to know when i need new glasses

How To Know When You Need New Glasses

New glasses are great! They give you the chance for a brand-new look, adding a breath of fresh air to your personal style. Of course, fashion isn’t the only benefit. While an updated prescription will ensure your glasses are doing everything to help you see clearly, updated frames make a difference, too!

But how do you know when you need new glasses?

How long should glasses last?

The lifespan of a pair of glasses depends on a few things, the most important being the material from which your frames are made.

For example, highly durable materials, such as titanium metal frames, Ultem frames, and acetate frames, should last a long time.

While durability is important, it’s not the only factor that affects the lifespan of frames. Believe it or not, comfort and fit matter quite a bit.

Like any other item you use daily, glasses frames are susceptible to wear and tear. Naturally, this can alter their fit over. Just because you have strong materials, doesn’t mean that a particular frame is going to be right for you forever.

Typically, glasses frames will last two to three years, but you may need to replace them sooner if there are other issues. These include changes in style, comfort, or the prescription of your lenses.

How often should I replace my glasses?

It’s recommended that you replace your glasses every one to three years.

Another important factor besides fit and comfort is your prescription. This is why it’s important to schedule a yearly eye exam. Your eye care professional will test your eyes and let you know whether your prescription needs an update.

Your frames also gain wear and tear over the course of several years, especially if you wear your glasses every day. Most eye care professionals recommend replacing your frames at the same time as your lenses. To be sure you make the right choice, check out our guide to choosing the best prescription glasses.

Can’t I just keep wearing my current glasses?

Some might be tempted to continue wearing an outdated prescription. If you can still see okay, what’s the harm in continuing to wear them?

While it’s true that your vision won’t get worse by wearing an old prescription, subtle changes in your vision can lead to other issues. These include eye strain, headaches, and double vision – and that’s just scratching the surface.

A pair of glasses should make you feel more comfortable and reduce strain on your eyes when you wear them. If you take them off and feel more comfortable when you’re not wearing them, this is a big sign that you need a new prescription.

As for frames, while you could continue using your old ones with new lenses, replacing them will ensure that they continue to work correctly.

Beyond comfort, frames also protect your lenses. Over time, glasses frames can be damaged and distort their shape. This could upset the placement of your lenses, which could affect your ability to make the most of even a recent prescription.

If you’re looking for frames made from the most durable materials, check out our picks below.

Titanium Metal Frames: Popular Styles

If you’re seeking durable metal frames, titanium is for you. Lightweight, strong, and comfortable, these stylish specs should last you a long time.

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Ultem Plastic Frames: Popular Styles

Light and flexible, Ultem frames are often compared to titanium, making them an exceptional alternative if you prefer the look and feel of plastic.

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Acetate Plastic Frames: Popular Styles

One of the highest quality plastic frame materials, acetate is stylish, smooth to the touch, and incredibly durable.

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Want to extend the life of your eyeglasses? See our guide on cleaning, storing, and maintaining your glasses.

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