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Born For Lightness

The lightness is the primary consideration for people who shall wear myopic spectacles or hyperopic spectacles every day. The TR90 frame is born for lightness and has already overwhelmed in the international shows. In addition, it is highly sought after by the modern youth. Who would refuse to look like elegant and calm?

Compared with the spectacles of other materials, the spectacles frame made of TR90 is very light in weight, which can reduce the oppressing sensation imposed on the nose bridge and the auricle, allowing the users to be comfortable and easy to wear. This frame is impact-resistant and almost unbreakable and is free of chemical residues, and even conforms to the European requirements relating to the food-grade materials, all of these can ensure the safety of TR90 eyeglasses. The TR90 frame features large elasticity, high-temperature resistance, and durability, not easy to deform or discolor!

Outstanding Dynamic Elements

TR90 frames can easily bend at any angle, so you can easily adjust it to fit your face shape. TR90 is a new type of polymer plastic. They are tough, extreme flexible, luxury and long-lasting glasses. Creative, bold wayfarer, geek chic and other stylish TR90 frames can show your distinctive personality.

The variability of TR90 material makes its dynamic elements very prominent. The neat lines and bright colors can inject outdoor sports energy into the crowded city life. It represents a light life-style!