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Butterfly elements are everywhere

The butterfly shape is a favorite element of artists for their creative work. Celebrities and trendsetters always grab the public’s attention with retro butterfly style accessories. The reason is probably that this element represents romance.

Butterfly element is also widely used in eyewear design. A frame looks like butterfly shape is a classic butterfly style. Butterfly element can be placed on any parts of the frame, a “butterfly” pattern to be independently placed on the side of the frame, or with the thin and straight frame temples to be designed as crisscrossing lines of the wing of butterfly. The butterfly texture gives the glasses a very lightweight appearance.

An unforgettable and ultimate accessory

The charming butterfly style reveals the ultimate feminine and elegant style. The inverted triangle-shape of the glasses which is big on top and small at the bottom can cover the cheekbone and the bridge of the nose and is very photogenic. Like the butterfly, butterfly glasses also have a variety of colors. Black butterfly glasses represent low-key and calm, while the colorful one gives a strong sense of fashion. The butterfly textures or ornaments well show girl's elegance and dynamic.

Matching women of all ages

Most girls love the light and flying butterflies. Indeed, as an enduring popular element n in the fashion world, a pair of butterfly glasses can condense the graceful dance of a butterfly into timelessness. Young girls can demonstrate the romance and beauty of butterfly glasses. Ladies in the workplace and home, butterfly-shaped glasses can deliver femininity and fantastic mystery.