Geek - the X-factor of Unique Eyewear

The latest trending styles of geek glasses, such as round thin metal glasses and vintage aviator glasses, are larger, thicker and heavier than the classic ones. The chic style can also feature thin wire and tortoiseshell patterns for sure, but that is to give the wearer an air of solemn profundity. In the beginning, the geek glasses were considered to be uncool and unfashionable items, however, they brought about the attention from the fashion industry, where even the models walking for Gucci are styled with a pair of geek chic glasses to match their button-up shirts, retro hairstyles, and eccentric outfits.

Geek-Chic Glasses - a Fashion Icon

As the aesthetics of the geek style only began to be appreciated in recent years, fashionistas and trend-setter are open to mixing-and-matching geek glasses with other items in their wardrobe. What is surprising is that even though the fans of geek glasses have increased in number and established their uniqueness, eyewear designers are still trying hard to combine what's on-trend with vintage inspirations, such as with retro thin frames made of stainless steel, which enhances the overall stylishness and creates a particular visual appeal that brings one back in time. The round and oval frames popular during the 70s have also gained spotlight with many prominent wearers in the public eye, hence finding their way into the mainstream fashion industry again.