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A few characteristics of the lightweight frame materials

High-quality titanium material is light, solid, durable and does not irritate your skin over time, but the frames in this material usually look quite similar to each other and are more expensive.

TR90 allows you to bend it however you wish, so you can adjust it easily to your own requirements, but during hot summers and long-term use, the colors and shapes may be somewhat affected.

Ultem is a material with unique qualities that is even more elastic than TR90, making it an ideal choice for safety glasses and for use in environments with high temperatures. However, most of these kinds of glasses do not have adjustable nose pads or spring hinges.

In the past two years, round and square slim metal frames have joined the Fashionable Glasses Series, which include a wide variety of choices such as modern and Retro-Vintage styles, but wearers with a high degree of myopia may feel a little unbalanced due to having thicker and heavier lenses at the front with lightweight temples at the back.

Frames made of plastic material have a wider range of choice of colors and styles. Even if the plastic material is not perfect, its unique flexibility and affordable price have secured its mainstream position in the eyewear industry. Yesglasses provides lightweight nylon frames, which are very solid and come in a wide range of colors.

Can I wear a pair of lightweight glasses with a high degree of myopia?

We try to provide reasonable suggestions that are different from what you hear elsewhere. Choose a frame with lightweight and unique characteristics. Pick from Yesglasses’s choices of lenses and Transitions Photochromic lenses to make a pair of Photochromic sunglasses, which are nearly transparent indoors and darken automatically outdoors, protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and bright lights. We also have many other choices of tinted lenses, gradient lenses, polarized lenses and mirrored lenses, almost all of which are suitable for all frames.