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Customized For a Specific Group of People

Many glasses on the market today are for the Western face shape. Made to look good, the upper line of the glasses is often parallel to the eyebrows, which makes it difficult for Asians to find suitable glasses. If the wearer has lower nose bridge, the frame might move. Also, the wearer’s nose is too narrow, the facial features are not three-dimensional, the tibia is relatively high, and the face is wide - all this makes quite a challenge to find the right glasses. The low nose bridge glasses are custom designed based on the specific facial features, which enables lifting the glasses from your cheeks to find the perfect spot. Low nose bridge fit glasses are available in different styles, like butterfly, cat-eye and others.

The Right One is the Best One

For some people, glasses may be just an accessory. However, it's an essential tool for many people to enhance visual clarity, and they wear them throughout the day. Therefore, it is critical for them to choose a suitable pair of glasses. Taking into account the contour lines, the position of the eyes and cheekbones, especially the shape of the nose, low bridge glasses usually come with adjustable nose pads and lens tilt, which are comfortable to wear even for extended use.

Both Function and Aesthetic

Those who pay attention to the functionality of the glasses know that people care more about the usability and are willing to make compromises with aesthetic, which is not necessary. Low nose bridge glasses also come with different materials and sizes, and there are many plastic and metal glasses suitable for Asian faces in the eyewear market.

People with the low nose bridge can solve their problem by selecting the appropriate glasses, which can help highlight the nose, shift the visual center to the eyes and make the face proportion more beautiful.