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Different Types of Hinges

Certain frame manufactures create confusing terminology for their hinges, but there are only three main types, standard, spring, and hingeless. What does this mean for your glasses?

One part of the hinge is fixed on the temple, the other on the frame front, combining two parts of the hinge with a screw works similarly to door hinges. This is one of the oldest types found.

Standard hinges are made of barrels that weave together like a zipper with a small screw sliding into the middle keeping the barrels in place. This allows the temples to move in and out while still keeping them firmly attached to the frame front. Standard hinged frames need more adjustments than other types because of inflexibility but they're easily repaired.

The spring or flex hinges are equipped with a small spring that affords the arms a greater range of movement, more than the traditional 90 degrees. These hinges provide greater comfort and are able to withstand greater everyday use. The hinged temple of the glasses can move back and forth fluidly. You can expect your special pair to last for years.

Hingeless frames are made of durable materials in order to compensate. They have a sleek design tailored to fit correctly. These are the minimalists of the glasses world, with all the advantages of an extremely comfortable and damage resistant pair of glasses.