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Safety eyewear, plastic glasses a priority

Plastic frames are the top choice for safety. Find out tons of the plastic material selection. The acetate frame is not only hypoallergenic but also highly flexible and durable. Combined with its multi-color options acetate frames have become sought-after eyewear among people who pursue a high quality of life.

The high-quality TR90 and Ultem frames have risen in popularity in recent years due to their durable, lightweight and stylish features.

The ultra-lightweight, stretchy nylon frames are one of the go-to options for daily wear.

The advanced polycarbonate (PC) frames, made of material commonly found in aerospace equipment, are the top choice for children and outdoor enthusiasts.

Lastly, the affordable, lightweight injection molded frames provide a variety of sunglasses styles suitable for every glasses wearer. Furthermore, plastic frames are a great alternative option for glasses wearers with allergies to metal and those who produce acidic sweat.

High-quality and fair price

Compared to metal frame eyeglasses, plastic glasses are relatively affordable. The price of general plastic frames is low due to the low cost of materials and manufacturing, except for some new materials and technologies. Also, the repair cost of plastic eyeglasses is low, because wearers can repair a pair of broken or cracked glasses after the long-term use, with simple tools such as cotton swabs, alcohol, and glue at home. Meanwhile, plastic eyeglasses are easy for daily maintenance!

During the manufacturing process, the part of the frame which surrounds the lenses is made to form two circles. The spectacle frame, endpieces, and temples are then connected at the hinges, making the glasses sturdier and more complete. On top of that, since plastic frames generally have thicker edges, they are able to support thicker and heavier lenses, making it a top choice for optical glasses!

A Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

The manufacturing process of plastic frames is relatively flexible, so there is a vast selection of colors, shapes, and styles, this makes plastic eyewear become an indispensable fashion accessory.

Wearers can pick any pair of stylish plastic eyeglasses to fit their preferences. Regardless of you are looking for a lightweight sports frame, an oversized horn-rimmed frame, a hipster style, a casual style frame, or a fake glasses as a fashion statement, plastic frames are going to meet your needs. They are the truly best-selling eyewear!