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Heart Face Shape

Heart Face Shape

Are you looking for the perfect pair of glasses for a Heart Face? Here's a guide to help you find the perfect frame according to your face shape.

Face Shape Recognition Tool

About Heart Face Shapes

Heart Face Shape

Heart shaped faces are somewhat similar in appearance to round faces, but with a wider forehead and a slender jawline. The cheekbones and forehead are the widest parts of this face shape.

What Should I Look for in a Frame?

If your face is particularly angular, you can soften these features by trying oval, cat-eye or aviator glasses. Frames that are wider at the bottom can also balance out the narrow shape of the chin. Frameless or thin frames are also highly recommended for this face type.

Most Flattering Frames

Frames to Avoid

  • Rectangle


  • Trapezoid


Celebrities with Heart Faces

  • Anya Taylor
    Anya Taylor
  • Chris Colfer
    Chris Colfer
  • Dianna Argon
    Dianna Argon
  • Garrett Hedlund
    Garrett Hedlund

Help Me Choose My Face Shape

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