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Do I Need Reading Glasses? Signs You Should Consider A Pair of Readers

Have you started to notice difficulties in reading the fine print? Recently passed the milestone of age 40 and now find yourself straining to read in dim light? You aren’t alone! This is because the lens inside the eye begins to lose its ability to change shape — a process called presbyopia.

Yesglasses brings together fashion and function, with their collection of high quality, affordable reading glasses. With hundreds of frame styles for both men and women, you are sure to find the perfect pair of readers to help you see more clearly.

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1. You have celebrated turning 40 years old!

Along with hitting a wonderful milestone in your life, you may start to experience the common vision issues caused by presbyopia. Presbyopia causes stiffening of your soft eye-lens, gradually deteriorating your eyesight. Using a properly-powered reading lens can prevent unnecessary eye strain for the many years ahead.

2. Your arms get tired from holding things farther away from your face.

You’ve gone from comfortably holding things you’re trying to read in front of you, to fully extending your arms just in order to see clearly. A sign that you should seriously consider reading glasses is when you are using your full reach to read things such as your phone, mail, menus, or books.

We have a wide selection of everyday readers that pair perfectly with any wardrobe or esthetic. Whether you’re looking for something with a sleek sophisticated look, or a more fun and unique style, we have the perfect pair of reading glasses for you!

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3. Your eyes are tired, and you can’t stop rubbing them.

Can blurry vision actually make you more tired? The answer is yes! Your eyes will do their best to compensate for your deteriorating eyesight and stiffening eye-lens, causing exhaustion after spending a long period of time reading or working on a computer.

Along with exhaustion, your eyes may feel more irritated than normal while working to overcome your challenges with your vision. The urge to rub your eyes can unfortunately cause bloodshot eyes and dark under eyes.

4. You get headaches from reading.

Another unfortunate side effect of presbyopia is experiencing headaches from close reading. Reading headaches can be caused by close reading of paperback books, tablets, and even phones.

Even if you already have reading glasses and experience reading headaches, you should consult your eye doctor, as you may need a new prescription.

Also learn more about our blue light blocking lens technology and how it can help prevent headaches caused by extended screen time.

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5. Outdoor lights and decorations have a halo.

If you are seeing a halo-effect around outdoor lights, car headlights, streetlights, or decorations, this is the effect of blurry vision. While your blurry vision can be corrected with reading glasses, you should always make sure to consult your eye doctor about any changes in your eyesight and vision.

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Yesglasses is proud to bring you high quality frames, at an affordable price. Unlike other brands, we offer free 1.61 hi-index lenses with every pair of frames, along with free anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

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