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Can I get a pair of irregular shape glasses with high cylinder value?

Absolutely you can! The cylinder value and the axis value have nothing to do with frame shapes. We have great lenses options with geometric glasses frames, even though the cylinder values are more than 6.00. Visit our frames detail page for the funky frame you wish to buy, and then enter or upload your prescription copy, pick your lenses option and add to the cart, then proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. It is the best way to get and apply a discount and coupon code for the best savings. Free return policy and 100% money back guarantee! Enjoy shopping eyewear at Yesglasses.

Geometric glasses frames for women

Women's prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses have been attracting much manufactures’ attention in the past and in today's eyewear market, and there are tons of options. Geometric frames can better represent fun-loving, youthful, creative styles and make a woman more attractive. Our premium geometric glasses offer a vast selection of metal, titanium and mixed materials, and remain the most popular items among women.

Geometric glasses frames for men

When a man wears a pair of geometric eyeglasses of the right style and color, he looks more youth, fun-filled and manly. The irregular shapes and thin metal frames match with any t-shirt or suit jacket, and especially, the gold or gunmetal color, well shows the fashion-conscious men with a sense of style, confidence and precision. Order online and be sure Yesglasses has the latest sunglasses and optical glasses. Browse our geometric glasses selections here.