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New Arrivals Glasses

Add some punch to your look with this season's latest styles.

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New Arrival Rx Glasses and Sunglasses

Our new products combine the latest trends and technology for different customer groups. The new catalogs are designed to showcase new products that inspire and pique your interest. The catalog includes the latest eyewear trends and products developed by well-known designers, so they are more innovative and personalized in terms of functionality, appearance, design, and materials.

Merging fashion & heritage

Our new collections combine styles inspired by older models as well as newly developed ones. Our glasses offer new features and breakthroughs in material use, color design, functional quality, fashion elements and packaging to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Our statement glasses not only show the latest trends but are also the main part of any brave outfit out there. The new catalog is a mix-and-match of different designs, colors, and materials, as well as different styles. They always draw inspiration from classic designs while merging fashion and heritage.

Get your hands on our limited edition fast!

New items come in limited quantities so make sure you get your hands on that pair you’ve been eyeing, because they instantly attract eyewear lovers. They also encourage personal and unique styles, leaving a strong fashion statement. Since glasses are something we use often and throughout all seasons, we pay attention to design, material innovation and personalized and fashionable frameworks. This way, our buyers can choose the best eyewear for them.

Unscheduled new product launch

We’ll make sure to be up to date with the latest trends by launching new products and content. Follow our website and don’t miss out on the latest promotions!