What are the advantages to flexible frames?

Flexible frame is customizable to wear, even if your frame size is a little too small, you can tailor frame arms to fit your size needs. It is easy to buy a pair of flexible glasses with the full-rim, semi-rimless or rimless that suits your needs in an online store.

Flexible eyeglasses are made from high-grade bendable materials. The flexible spectacles use ISO and CE approved materials, which are contaminant free and perfectly safe. Yesglasses also can enhance eyeglasses’ safety by including additional features such as ultraviolet protection and lenses with anti-reflective coating.

Eyeglasses with flexible materials that offer creativity in styles. Thin metal legs are lightweight and comfortable, ideal for everyday wear.

All flexible frames are free from skin allergens.

Flexible titanium frames are the finest quality eyeglasses on the eyewear market today. They are lighter, stronger and more durable.

Do all flexible frames come with spring hinges?

Most flexible frames have spring hinges, there are some exceptions due to their unique styles and frame materials. The hinge is an important part of the frame that joints the temple and the frame front, keeping a minimal space for safety. They are separated by spring hinges and standard hinges. Spring hinges allow the temples on the glasses to face outward, and close easily and more freely when wearing the glasses to prevent breakages, and due to the singularity of the design, repair is complicated, and you have to go to a local optician shop for proper repair work. Standard hinges lack flexibility, but they can be adjusted and repaired simply.