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Trapezoid and Horn-rimmed Glasses

Trapezoid glasses are different from horn-rimmed glasses, which are a very versatile style of glasses and are available in many different variations. The most of trapezoid glasses looked almost like horn-rimmed glasses, but with a distinctive trapezoidal big outward bulge at the plastic frame endpieces.

Trapezoid horn-rimmed glasses, as the most recognizable eyeglasses style, come with distinctive features of thick rim and trapezoidal lenses. It is one of the best-selling eyeglasses today.

Browline and Horn-rimmed Glasses

Eyeglasses of browline style combine the aesthetics of horn-rimmed plastic glasses with the stability of metal frames by fitting prominent plastic "brows" over the top of metal frames, creating a distinctive look that was also sturdier than wide rim plastic frames. In short, Horn-rimmed frame is made of plastic only while browline frame is made of both plastic and metal.

Square and Oval Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Classic, cool and horn-rimmed square eyeglasses and sunglasses are perfect for any occasion. This type of thick retro-vintage eyeglass frames are sometimes referred to as nerd or geek-chic style. Horn-rimmed square spectacles frame allows a classic, yet modern fashion look.

Many horn-rimmed frame designers were inspired by other popular styles in the 1980s, they designed round and oval lenses to replace the classic square ones. In particular, the tortoise color acetate round horn rimmed glasses became popular amongst entrepreneurs and hipsters.