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Diverse & Versatile Eyewear Design

Full-frame oval glasses tend to be elegant, with soft lines and slender contours. Visually, the oval glasses shift the focus to the top of the face, creating a layered look. Generally we would recommend the oval glasses to be slightly wider than the forehead.

Half-frame oval glasses are the best choice for men. Some of the slightly thicker parts of the frame will cover part of the eyebrows, focusing on the metal edge of the lower half, leaving a low-key impression. Nowadays, the half-frame oval glasses not only became a weapon for the fashionable people to show their subtle fashion taste, but also a popular choice for men.

Frameless oval glasses are more suitable for low prescription glasses wearers. They are simple and can match heart-shaped, oval shaped and square faces. Without the rim, the wearer's vision is wide, which makes the wearing comfortable, so frameless oval glasse became very popular among young people. The rimless oval glasses are currently available in metal and plastic. With light and durable material, they can balance the center of the glasses to reduce the pressure to the nose bridge.

Creating Different Looks Easily

Oval glasses are frequently used, so we offer flexible, rimless, aluminum, plastic and metal frames. You may choose based on your needs and the advantages of each material. Wood texture, tortoiseshell or floral pattern plastic can make you look more elegant, while black and gold are timeless colors for metal frames.

By adding cat-eye design to oval glasses, women can express their unique style and make a classy fashion statement. Compared with round glasses, the oval glasses are more flexible - it can turn even an Otaku into a warm person. For men with sharp face lines and angles, oval glasses can transform their look by adding a sophisticated touch.

If you want to create a unique look, wearing oval glasses is the most fashionable choice right now!