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Learn the best way to clean glasses

How to Clean, Store & Maintain Your Glasses

It seems the more you love your glasses, the more you need to maintain them! Cleaning, storing, and maintaining your glasses is essential to wearing them as much as you like.

Yesglasses offers thousands of options to choose from for men and women in a wide variety of styles. Whether you have metal or acetate frames and adjustable nose pads or keyhole bridges, we have just the right tips for you to take care of your glasses.

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How to Clean Glasses?

The best cloth for cleaning glasses is a microfiber cloth. Use this routinely to avoid scratches with other cloth types for when you need to wipe away dust and debris daily. We include a microfiber cloth with every purchase to make sure you have the best experience possible to avoid smudges.

The best cloth for cleaning glasses is a microfiber cloth

If you have a smudge on your glasses that won’t come off, this is likely caused by a tough oil. Our faces produce natural oil and some faces produce more than others, which is perfectly fine and very manageable to continue wearing your glasses once you know how to clean them. Follow these steps:

  1. Use dish soap to wash your hands and be sure oil is not on your fingers while handling your glasses.
  2. Run your lenses under warm water to remove surface debris.
  3. Gently massage a tiny dab of dish soap onto each lens and on both the front and back of the lens. Massage the soap into the crevices of your frame around the lenses where oil tends to hide.
  4. Rinse with warm water and dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth in gentle circles around the lenses, wiping into the crevices around the lens as well.
  5. If your smudges persist, use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on your microfiber cloth to wipe in circles, touching on the edges where your frame meets your lenses, especially close to your nose, cheeks and brow. Consider wiping the isopropyl alcohol onto other common areas where oil persists, such as where your nose touches the nose pads and forehead touches the bridge.

If your glasses still appear cloudy with smudges, it could be that your glasses contain scratches. Tiny micro scratches can occur in many ways. You may have dropped them briefly on concrete or swiped them against a button on your shirt. Cleaning your glasses will not solve this issue unfortunately, but learning to store and maintain your glasses can help for next time. Each pair of Yesglasses comes with scratch resistant coating at no additional cost.

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How to Store Eyeglasses?

Store your eyeglasses either in a protective pouch or hard case when not in use. Glasses can be easily damaged, even when they are placed somewhere seemingly safe. You may place your glasses down on the counter one moment, and the next your dog could be enjoying the chewy ends of the temples!

If you love swapping out your eyewear with new styles, you may have a small collection of frames. Be sure to keep your frames from becoming dusty and always place them in their protective case when not in use. This may be a tough choice if you think of your glasses the same as your jewelry and enjoy having them out to pick and choose each day. Other storage options could be considered, such as plastic containers with clear lids.

Luckily, Yesglasses offers protective cases for every eyewear purchase so that you can always know exactly how to store your glasses when needed.

How to Maintain Glasses?

Depending on your type of glasses, there may be a few additional ways to maintain your glasses over time.

If you enjoy wearing glasses with adjustable nose pads, be sure to check the nose pads are not causing your glasses to slip. As we wear our glasses, the nose pads may bend too far, causing you to have to push your glasses up, and also adding more oil to your lenses! Pinch your adjustable nose pads inwards and test how they feel on your nose until you have the right fit again.

You might also find the temples on your glasses may become loose. Find the screws on each side of your temple hinges and wiggle them to test if they are still tight. If they are loose, this may cause your glasses to look uneven while resting on each ear. You will need to purchase a tiny Phillips head screwdriver for glasses to tighten these into place. These screws sometimes loosen when glasses are not stored in a protective case and may have become wedged in an odd angle.

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If you find your glasses just don’t fit well after purchasing from us, we make it easy to return or replace your glasses. We offer a 14-day Style and Fit warranty! It's important to us that you’re happy with your purchase. Let us know you’re not satisfied with your glasses within 14 days of delivery. We can offer a refund or a one-time replacement.

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