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Prevent glasses from touching your cheeks with the following tips.

How to Prevent Glasses From Touching Your Cheeks

Nothing feels better than a well-fit, fashionable pair of glasses. With the best-fit glasses, you forget you’re even wearing them!

Eyewear is so important to feel comfortable. Sometimes, when glasses touch your cheeks, it can make you feel self-conscious and unsure if you’re wearing the right fit.

At Yesglasses, our vision is to be the most trustworthy eyewear company in the world. We want everyone to feel comfortable in high-quality, affordable eyewear! If you don’t like the fit of your glasses, we make it easy to contact us for a refund or replacement.

Why are Glasses Touching My Cheeks?

Circular and teardrop aviator glasses often dip further down towards your cheeks. These styles are most likely to cause a problem, depending on your facial structure. If you have high cheekbones, these styles may feel uncomfortable and should be avoided.

Consider styles that are narrow, cat-eye or rectangular if you’d like to find a pair that will give minimal issues for touching your cheeks. Instead of circular glasses, consider oval glasses, and rather than teardrop aviators, consider navigator aviators with a more rectangular frame shape.

If you have a face shape such as heart or round, you may really like circular or teardrop aviator styles. While these are more likely to dip down to your cheeks, they can also look complimentary on these facial structures. Those with heart and round shaped faces who wish to still wear low dipping frames should search for frames with an adjustable nose bridge to keep glasses from sliding down. Avoid keyhole nose bridges, which are very comfortable, but slide easily when flexing facial muscles.

Do your glasses leave marks on your cheeks?

Your glasses should not leave marks on your cheeks! This is definitely a sign that your glasses are uncomfortable and not fitted properly.

Do glasses touch your cheeks when smiling?

When you smile very wide, your glasses might occasionally touch your cheeks. If your cheeks move your glasses out of place, they are not fitted properly.

Glasses to Try for Not Touching Cheeks

For Women

For Men

How to Check Glasses Won’t Touch Your Cheeks

When trying on your glasses, check they’re feeling right with the following steps:

  • Wrinkle your forehead
  • Squint your eyes
  • Smile wide
  • Raise your eyebrows
  • Nod and shake your head

If your glasses slide down when going through these natural movements, your glasses are likely not a good fit for your nose. Adjust the nose pads for a tighter fit.

Consider a lightweight metal frame if this problem is common, as heavier plastic and acetate frames are more likely to slide down.

About Yesglasses

If you find your glasses are not a good fit after purchasing from us, we make it easy to return or replace your glasses. We want all of our fans to feel perfectly comfortable in their stylish new eyewear and know how frustrating it can be to struggle with a bad experience.

Reach out to us at eyecare@yesglasses.com. We offer a 14-day Style and Fit Warranty! It's important to us that you’re happy with your purchase. Let us know you’re not satisfied with your glasses within 14 days of delivery. We can offer a refund or a one-time replacement.

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