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What is the point of prescription sunglasses?

What’s The Point Of Prescription Sunglasses?

If you already have a pair of glasses, you might not see any reason to own prescription sunglasses. Well, we’re here to tell you that prescription sunglasses can make a world of difference when it comes to style and convenience.

In fact, we’ve got four great reasons why you might want prescription sunglasses in addition to your standard specs or contacts.

1. Prescription sunglasses are super convenient!

Most glasses-wearers will tell you, swapping from eyeglasses to sunglasses is a bit of a pain. You either need to pop in a pair of contact lenses or give up your clear vision in favor of UV protection.

With prescription sunglasses, you can see clearly and keep your eyes safe from harmful rays all at once.

You don’t have to worry about insurance either. FSA/HSA spending covers prescription sunglasses in addition to traditional, clear lenses.

2. Get that cool, sunglasses style anywhere you go – even indoors!

While it’s totally practical to have a pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses, you could also wear lightly tinted lenses indoors and not have to worry about swapping glasses. (This is actually a popular fashion trend right now.)

Light lenses can be worn at home or at work and can provide the same UV protection as darker tinted lenses. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite frames to pair with lightly tinted lenses below.

  • Riley

  • School

  • Swan

  • Oboe

3. Prescription sunglasses let you personalize your look!

You don’t have to stick to just tinted lenses, though. A variety of different lenses offer spectacular benefits.

Gradient lenses are great for both indoor and outdoor use while mirrored and polarized lenses are the perfect choice for sporting and outdoor activities, as they increase contrast while minimizing glare.

A variety of lens coatings, such as scratch-resistant and anti-glare, are also available. Take advantage of these options to get the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses for you.

4. Transition lenses give you the best of both worlds!

You could also go for a pair of transition lenses for your prescription eyewear. Transition lenses react to light and will darken when you are in sunlight. As soon as you move indoors, it will look like you’re wearing clear lenses again.

It only takes a few seconds for the change to take place, and the technology is always improving. Transition lenses are a good alternative if you don’t want your lenses to be tinted all the time, and they are also covered by HSA/FSA spending.

Can I use the same frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses?

Nearly all of our frames can be used for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. When you find a set of frames that you can’t live without, it’s always possible to get them with or without a prescription.

There are a wide variety of frame materials and styles to choose from. Start by finding your face shape. Knowing your face shape will make it infinitely easier to find the perfect fit.

Where can I buy prescription sunglasses?

At Yesglasses, all our frames are made in house with a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from. We know you’ll find the perfect style for your prescription sunglasses. The best part? Most of our frames can be used for clear lenses as well!

Looking for more prescription sunglasses recommendations? We’ve included a few more of our most popular picks below. You can also check out our entire selection of sunglasses where every set of frames we sell can be fitted with lenses for your eye prescription.

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