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Winter Eye Care: Navigating Harsh Weather

Winter brings with it chilly temperatures, frosty winds, and snowy landscapes. While we bundle up in layers to protect ourselves from the cold, we often overlook a crucial aspect of our well-being – our eyes. The harsh winter weather can pose various threats to our eye health, from dryness to increased UV exposure.

Let’s explore some essential tips and tricks to ensure your eyes stay healthy and happy during the winter months, and how Yesglasses can be your ally in winter eye care.

How can I protect my eyes from winter glare?

The reflective surfaces of snow and ice can create intense glare, impacting our vision. If you’re looking to protect your eyes from this wintertime glare, look for brands with high quality polarized lenses.

Yesglasses has a diverse collection of single vision and free-form progressive polarized sunglasses featuring anti-scratch and anti-reflecting coatings, as well as 100% UVA/UVB protection with every high quality polarized lens.

Our favorite polarized lenses include neutral tints such as gray, brown, and green!

  • Powers

  • Yesterday

  • Oboe

  • Creek

Stylish eyewear options like these not only shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, but reduce glare, increase visual clarity, and enhance contrast, ensuring clear and comfortable vision amidst winter's bright landscapes.

Want to learn more about what makes the perfect winter sunglasses? Read our buyer’s guide for winter sunglasses!

Why are my eyes dry in the winter?

One of the most common issues during winter is dry eyes. Cold winds, indoor heating systems, and digital eye strain can all contribute to stripping the eyes of their natural moisture.

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, you can combat this by using artificial tears or lubricating eye drops. Long-term solutions include the use of high quality, comfortable eyewear.

Yesglasses offers a range of stylish eyeglasses with high quality lenses to shield you from the harsh conditions, as well as blue light protection and anti-reflective coatings which can reduce eye strain caused by winter glare and prolonged screen time.

Do you suffer from the discomfort of dry eyes? Learn more about the symptoms and treatment for dry eyes.

Can I wear blue light glasses in the winter?

Of course! Blue light blocking glasses are beneficial year-round.

While some people prefer embracing the outdoors during the winter months, others enjoy cuddling up around the television, or hunkering down for a marathon of video games on their PC or TV.

Blue light glasses not only reduce digital eye strain but contribute to overall eye comfort, making them ideal for extended screen time during the winter season.

  • Yorke

  • Swartz

  • WALL-E

  • Blaze

Can I wear my glasses under my ski goggles?

Yes, you can wear your glasses under ski or snowboard goggles. Don’t let your vision stop you from enjoying winter sports, just make sure to choose the proper eyewear for the occasion!

Some tips when shopping for ski or snowboard goggles to wear over glasses:

  1. Look for goggles specifically designed with an OTG (Over the Glasses) feature. These goggles have extra space in the frame to accommodate eyeglasses without causing discomfort or compromising the seal.
  2. Before purchasing ski or snowboard goggles, check the compatibility with your glasses. Some larger-frame glasses may fit more comfortably under certain goggles. Ensure that both your glasses and the goggles provide a secure fit without pressure points.
  3. Adjust the straps of the goggles to ensure a snug but not too tight fit. This helps in maintaining a proper seal to prevent cold air and snow from entering while ensuring your glasses sit comfortably beneath the goggles.

Need help finding the perfect winter sport eyewear? Check out our guide to skiing and snowboarding glasses.

Why buy your winter eyewear online at Yesglasses?

Winter eye care is essential for maintaining optimal vision, so we take special care in educating ourselves and our customers on the importance of overall eye health.

By incorporating these tips and making Yesglasses a part of your winter eye care routine, you can ensure your eyes stay protected, comfortable, and stylish throughout the colder months.

Remember, your eyes deserve the same attention and care as the rest of your body, so make winter eye care a priority this season!

Contact us today for our concierge-style customer service, helping you every step of the way until your glasses are at your doorstep.

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