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Winter Sunglasses: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Is it winter already? Put away your swimsuits and beach towels and bring out the scarves and heavy coats! But what to do about your sunglasses?

For most of us, the sun’s in the sky all year long. As a result, wintertime calls for sunglasses just like any other season, especially when it comes to snow, outdoor activities, and driving.

With that in mind, why are sunglasses essential in the winter, and what are the current trends and popular styles?

In short, how do you find the best winter sunglasses?

Why wear sunglasses in winter?

Sunglasses feel synonymous with summer, but eye safety and protective lenses matter just as much in the winter.

Depending on where you live, the sun may not rise as high during the winter months. In these regions, this means the sun is hovering in your field of vision for most of the day. Of course, there are other changes during the winter season to consider, especially for commuters.

Winter sunsets happen earlier and may be directly in your line of sight during your commute to or from work. It might seem pleasant to have a beautiful sunset on your way home, but not if it’s harming your eyes.

The winter sun can also make it harder to see hazards, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Beyond ocular damage from UV rays, you’re taking a serious risk each time you drive. Glare and sunlight can be unexpected and dangerous, hindering your visibility as you try to stay on the road and stay aware of obstacles.

If you live in an area that gets snow, the reflections they create can be blinding. Much like shimmering water on a summer day, blankets of snow cause severe reflections. It’s best to protect your eyes from all of these harsh sources of light with a pair of winter sunglasses.

What are the best lenses for winter sunglasses?

Polarized and mirrored lenses are the two best choices for winter sunglasses. These lens types will help to eliminate glare and protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

You can also choose prescription sunglasses for both polarized and mirrored lenses, enabling you to see clearly and protect your eyes.

What makes prescription sunglasses so great? See why you need prescription sunglasses.

Polarized Winter Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are an excellent choice during the winter months. Polarization adds a filter to your lens that prevents horizontal light waves from reaching your eyes. As a result, you’ll have a sharper view of the world while also increasing contrast and depth perception.

Polarized sunglasses are also great to use as skiing glasses or snowboarding glasses. Beyond UV protection, they reduce glare and prevent snow blindness during a long day on the slopes. This means reduced eye strain and improved vision. You can’t put a price on that!

As for colors, you have plenty of options, but the best tints for winter are neutral. These will help prevent color distortion and highlight natural colors.

Neutral polarized winter tints typically include:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Green
  • WALL-E

  • Pine

  • Clark

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Mirrored Winter Sunglasses

There’s no mistaking the striking appearance of these lenses. Mirrored sunglasses look incredibly stylish and provide big protection from the intense sunlight in the winter. Like polarized glasses, they prevent snow blindness, are anti-reflective, and cut UV light by up to 100%.

The mirrored coating is also one of the most durable lens coatings around, with their resistance to scratches making them an exceptional choice for skiing glasses or snowboarding glasses.

Mirrored lenses provide a brighter field of vision since their outer mirrored coating actively reflects light. Your eyes also can’t be seen behind a pair of mirrored shades, offering complete anonymity.

Along with polarized lenses, you have a few color options that work best in winter.

  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Route

  • Chaplin

  • Mufasa

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What are the best frames for winter sunglasses?

Plastic, acetate, and TR90 frames are the best materials for winter sunglasses. They are less likely to wear in cold, snowy conditions. Metal frames can become cold to the touch in freezing temperatures, which could be uncomfortable for some people.

You’ll want to pick a frame color that matches best with the lens color that you’ve chosen. As a simple rule, pair warm colors together or pair cool colors together.

  • Warm colors include yellow, brown, and red.
  • Cool colors include green, blue, and purple.
  • Neutral colors include white, black, and gray.

Of course, what matters most is that you’ve got snow-friendly sunglasses you love to wear. Check out all our styles for the inspiration you need to get the perfect pair of sunglasses that will stay with you all winter long (and for many winters to come).

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Finding the perfect winter sunglasses starts with Yesglasses

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