Why choose rectangular glasses?

Rectangular glasses come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and materials. They are great because they suit most people, especially the full-rim ones. If you’re not sure what shape of glasses to get, then rectangular frames are the most likely to look good on you. Rectangular glasses are also timeless; they never go out of style. If you’re fashion conscious, then this is the shape for you.

What type of rectangular glasses should I choose?

If you’re struggling to decide between full-rim, semi-rim or rimless glasses then look no further. We will help you to select the perfect type for you.

For men: Men tend to be able to pull off any type of glasses rather well, for a professional look, we suggest rimless or semi-rim rectangular glasses, with thin wire metal frames or plastic frames. If you are trying to look stylish, then you should buy thicker full-rim frames.

For women: Full-rim rectangular glasses are best for women, as they are stylish and suitable for many face types. Horn-rimmed frames are quite fashionable and always a good bet regardless of your facial features.

For children: You should choose full-rim glasses with a rubbery or plastic material for kids, as they are very likely to drop or break them. Full-rim rectangular glasses offer the most protection and durability, which is why they are perfect for kids. They come in a variety of colours which kids enjoy.