Glasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

How to Choose Glasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond face shapes look great with a wide variety of frames! Once you know the different features and details to look for in a frame, it’ll be easy to find a complimenting pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

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Find Your Face Shape

What shape glasses look best on a diamond shaped face?

Diamond shaped faces look best with any frame that softens and balances out their sharp features. The rounded curves found in oval frames, and soft angles of cat-eye and horn-rimmed frames, all compliment the shape of a diamond face.

When looking for eyewear for diamond shaped faces, look for glasses with the following features:

  1. Cat-eye frames with fierce browlines and sharp temples will bring the attention higher up on your face, balancing your whole face.
  2. Horn-rimmed frames balance out and bring the attention up towards your brow bone as opposed to your prominent cheeks or cheekbones.
  3. An oval-shaped frame’s contrast to the sharp angles of your face is extremely complimentary.

The above features apply to such a wide variety of frames, you can now enjoy finding a material or color best suited for your lifestyle, as opposed to a flattering frame shape. With the widest part of your face frame being in the middle of your face, you want to find ways to draw the eye up towards the top of your face. Below we have chosen some of our favorite frames that will perfectly compliment your diamond shaped face, whether you are looking for an everyday pair of eyeglasses, blue light glasses, or sunglasses!

What shape glasses look best on a diamond shaped face

The Best Glasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

Cat-Eye Glasses for Diamond Faces

Cat-eye frames compliment diamond face shapes with their eye-catching design and ability to balance the shape of a diamond. The unique frame shape draws your attention to the top of your face and away from the widest part of your face, which balances your overall face frame. Check out some of our favorite eye-catching cat-eye frames below!

  • Sparks

  • Lasso

  • 1574

  • 1491

Horn-Rimmed Glasses for Diamond Faces

Horn-rimmed glasses do a great job at placing emphasis on your browline and top of your face, balancing out the diamond shape of your face. Similar to cat-eye glasses, horn-rimmed glasses draw the eye up as opposed to down with the shape of your face. Take a look at some of our favorite horn-rimmed frames below!

  • Route

  • Rocky

  • Soza

  • Couch

Oval Glasses for Diamond Faces

Oval frames are great for softening sharp features, such as a pointed jaw and overall diamond shape. Whether oblong or more circular, the soft edges of this frame will perfectly contrast and compliment your face frame. Check out these stunning oval frames that are sure to complement your face and leave you feeling confident and radiant!

  • 17330

  • Joy

  • 17420

The Best Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Faces

Cat-eye, oval, and horn-rimmed frames are all great options for diamond shaped faces, but you don’t have to stop there! When choosing lenses for your frames, an eye catching gradient lens or flash-mirrored lens can help even more with drawing the eye up to the top of your face. Check out some of our favorite sunglasses for diamond shaped faces below!

  • Piper

  • Campbell

  • Billie

  • Darlene

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