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Recycle Glasses

Recycling Eyeglasses & Frames

People who wear glasses usually need to replace them every few years. Prescriptions and fashion trends change over time, so it doesn’t take long to build up a decent collection of eyewear.

If you’re not wearing them, what can you do with all those old glasses and frames?

Why not recycle them? Many of the materials used in eyewear can be easily recycled, and it’s far better for the environment than throwing them away. There are several ways to recycle, reuse, or even donate old glasses.

Where can I recycle my old glasses?

Recycling glasses is one of the best ways to reduce waste and help the environment. Eyewear donations also help those who are less fortunate. Luckily, many places make it easy to recycle or donate frames and used eyewear.

Your Local Optician’s Office

A lot of opticians have ways to recycle old glasses in their shops. Most will have drop boxes where you place old or unwanted eyewear. Whether it’s a retail store or a private office, these used glasses get sent to recycling or donation centers. Some places even work with charities to send old glasses to people who can’t afford new ones.

Lions Club Recycling Centers

Lions Club also takes old glasses. They have several locations throughout the United States and other countries. If you look, you may find they have donation boxes in or around your community. Check schools, post offices, and other locations.

If there isn’t one near you, the Lions Club also accepts donations through mail. They will either donate old glasses or recycle them depending on their condition. Even if you have broken frames, the Lions Club will take them and recycle the materials.

Charities & Nonprofits

Other charities that accept old eyeglasses include New Eyes and One Sight. These are reputable organizations working to provide eyewear and vision care to those who need it most.

You can also drop your old glasses off at a second-hand shop like Goodwill. You’ll be helping someone who can’t afford new frames but needs a great pair of glasses at a discount price.

Can I reuse my old glasses?

Yes, you can also reuse your old glasses! If you’ve managed to find the perfect frames and can’t live without them – or if they’re just especially comfortable – you can always continue wearing them. In fact, keeping your frames cleaned and well-maintained will help them last for years.

Just make sure to go for your regular eye exam and maintain a current prescription. Eye doctors recommend glasses wearers have their eyes checked every one to two years. If you need a new prescription, tell your doctor you want new lenses fitted into your old frames.

You can also gift old glasses to a friend or family member. That said, even if your prescriptions match, they should still head to their eye doctor to get new lenses fitted.

Can I sell my old glasses?

Yes! Selling old glasses is also an option, especially if you have designer frames or any kind of collector’s item. Online resale is a great way to make a bit of money that can be put toward a brand-new pair of frames.

Just like with gifting your frames, you don’t need to worry about removing the lenses. Whoever purchases the glasses can easily have a professional replace them with their own prescription.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Recycling or donating glasses is a great way to give back to others while helping better the environment through conservation.

Whatever you decide to do with your old glasses, Yesglasses is here when you’re ready for a new pair. We have hundreds of styles to choose from, all designed in-house, made with sustainability, quality, and affordability at top of mind.

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