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Flat Eyeglasses & Sunglasses: What Are The Benefits?

Flat lenses or curved lenses – did you ever think you’d need to consider which you’d rather have in your frames? For the longest time, curved lenses were the only game in town, but nowadays, the choice is yours, with flat glasses being a very popular option.

What’s so special about flat eyeglasses and sunglasses? Do they have any benefits over traditional curved lenses? Let’s take a closer look at this fashionable eyewear trend.

What are flat lenses?

Flat lenses are much like any other lens type, but with one key difference: the curve is much less pronounced than in traditional lenses. However, they’re not completely flat and will still have a bit of a curve to them.

Why are flat lenses not completely flat?

All glasses lenses have a base curve radius (BCR). The curve bends and focuses light and is one of the ways glasses lenses help correct your vision. Flat lenses have a lower BCR.

Regular curved glasses lenses usually have a BCR of 4, while flat lenses have a BCR of 0. Again, while the number may be 0, there is still a bit of a curve to the lens.

You can also find semi-flat lenses. These have a BCR of 2, so you can enjoy a nice, in-between curve to your lens.

Lower BCR lenses will still focus light the same way, so you won’t end up with less-effective glasses.

The most important aspect of any glasses lens is making sure the prescription is correct. As long as you’ve got what the eye doctor ordered, your glasses will work as intended, regardless of lens curve.

What are the benefits of flat lenses?

The benefits of flat lenses come down to fashion. A lower BCR won’t affect how you see, so flat lenses are primarily a cosmetic choice. They are very much in style right now, and more options for eyewear are never a bad thing.

For sunglasses, flat lenses provide the same UV-blocking power as curved lenses, so your eyes get the same level of protection. All lens coatings, from anti-scratch to anti-glare, are also available for flat sunglasses and eyeglasses.

It’s worth noting that the lower base curve on flat lenses can make anti-glare coatings less effective. Keep this in mind if an anti-glare or an anti-reflective coating is important to you.

How To Choose Your Eyeglass Coatings

What about aspherical lenses?

While looking for flatter lenses, you may have heard of “aspherical” lenses. These types of lenses can also have a flatter profile.

Aspheric lenses differ from the more common “spherical” lenses, which have a singular curve across the entire lens. Lenses that are aspherical have multiple curves across the lens surface. Typically, these types of lenses can be beneficial if you have a strong CYL or SPH on your eye prescription.

The important thing to remember is that, while aspherical lenses are one option for those seeking a flatter aesthetic, they’re not the only option for flat lenses. You can still get that same flat look with spherical lenses. What you’ll really want to consider is your glasses frame.

Will flat lenses fit any frame?

The BCR of lenses is usually based on the BCR of frames. So, if you want flatter lenses, you’ll need flatter frames. To help you out, we’ve listed some of our most popular flat glasses styles below.

Of course, if you’re not sure whether a set of frames can feature flatter lenses, contact us! We can help you figure out which of your favorite Yesglasses frames will have that flatter aesthetic when fitted with lenses.

Round and square frames are an especially great fit for flat lenses. If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, geometric frames also work well, as do oversized glasses frames.

Don’t know which frames are best for your face shape? Try our face shape tool! It can help you identify the best styles for your face in a matter of minutes.

Round Frames: Popular Flat Lens Styles

Round frames look best on rectangle-shaped faces and square-shaped faces. They work to balance the longer, more angular features of these face shapes.

  • Oakes

  • Chaplin

Square Frames: Popular Flat Lens Styles

Much like how round glasses can soften angular faces, square glasses can add definition to those with softer features. Choose these frames if you have a diamond-shaped face or oval-shaped face.

  • Route

  • Rocky

Geometric Frames: Popular Flat Lens Styles

The great thing about geometric lenses is that they work on a variety of face shapes. Give them a try! They may even be your new favorite frames.

  • 1549

  • Miles

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